• Sorbus Wood (Sorbus Torminalis)
  • Fully combed
  • Plastic Pipe Chanter tuned Bb 440 Hz
  • Plain Canmore GORE-TEX® Bag with ZIP
  • Plastic Drone Reed
  • Plastic Chanter Reed
  • Black Cotton Flannel Bag Cover
  • Black Wool Cords
  • Soft Carrying Case

Bagpipe with a low and contained volume, for chamber, ideal to pair with string and wind instruments with a contained volume.
The Scottish bagpipe has 3 size differences: Full size Highland Bagpipes, 3/4 Size Highland Bagpipe and the Chamber Highland Bagpipe.
The measures of the 3/4 are slightly smaller than the standard model, but the volume is basically the same. The Chamber Highland Bagpipe, on the other hand, has even smaller dimensions but the sound is low and is comparable to the smallpipe one. The chanter has the same length of a standard pipe chanter and has the same spacing of the tones holes. This makes it therefore also ideal as a studio instrument.

The proposed model was conceived and completely studied by Deiv Liutaio, and is the result of years and years of tests and studies. A balance as close as possible to the Scottish bagpipe has been sought, despite having a smallpipe sound. In this respect the Highland Chamber Bagpipe proposed here is different from the Scottish Smallpipe which has different sound and measures.

Waiting Time: 5 weeks
Price: 1400 Euro