• Black Acetal Resin (POM C)
  • Tuned in A
  • Plastic Chanter Reed
  • Caps with Water Trap.

It has the same fingering as the Highland Bagpipe, has the same spacing of the intonation holes of a standard chanter, has a low volume and therefore suitable for playing in the apartment or in those places where it is required not to disturb the neighborhood.

With water trap system present in the chanter caps. By blowing the air first it will flow through the first wall depositing most of the moisture. Through small holes the air will reach the reed.
The system works as an air compressor, cooling and condensing it on the external wall, thus allowing to receive up to 60/70% of dry air on the reed.
It is recommended that the water trap be extracted and dried every 10/15 minutes.

Good for practice and the first choice to begin with the highland bagpipe.

Waiting Time: 14 days
Price: 99 Euro