• ZAMPOGNA in G (440 Hz) with keys, 3 voices (Short Chanter in G4-Long Chanter in G3-Drone in D4/E4/F4).
  • Elsbere Wood (Sorbus Torminalis)
  • Removable bell on the short (Ritta) and the long chanter (Manca).
  • Long Chanter (Manca) key build in aluminium with possibility to adjust the beat and tuning the A note.
  • Drone Key build in aluminium.
  • Brass Carter Protection on the long chanter and on the drone.
  • Shellac Finish (Shine)
  • Leather seasoned bag
  • Blow intubated with plastic tube and with nontoxic black delrin mouth piece.

Ready to play with 3 plastic reeds mounted and 3 replacement reeds. The volume of the Zampogna it's medium / high.

For now it's possible to order only the Left version, long chanter on the right hand and short chanter on the left hand.
The Classic version, long chanter on the left hand and short chanter on the right hand, it's under development .

The Left version it's advisable for people who play other bagpipes. It's not necessary the muscular development of the little finger on the right hand and the positioning of the high notes and the bass notes are more natural.

Waiting time: 7 weeks
Price: 1300 Euro